Blurbs & Book Covers

You're a writer, and by definition alone, that means you put a lot into what goes inside of your book, but the outside - Title, Cover, and Blurb - is what draws readers into the world you have created.

Creating a Cover and Blurb that will entice readers to buy your book can be a daunting task.  Cover art is sometimes beyond the expertise of an author, but you know what you envision.  And the Blurb...even the best writers struggle with saying, "You sooo need to read this story" in 250 words or less.  That's where I come in.

Back Cover Blurbs start at $35. 
Send us a summary in your words and we will Blurb it out for you.

Design Services by Wit & Whimsy Cover Designs

Custom Cover Design
Premade Book covers
Author banners (for signings and conventions)
Author Cards/Business cards
Facebook Banners/Cover photos/profile pics

We strive to keep our services very reasonably priced.
Send us an email about what you need and we can offer a quote and work within your budget.

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