Word on the Street

“Hire this woman right now! Do it. She gets nominated for pretty darn prestigious writing awards. She knows what she is doing. If I wasn't caught in the middle of trying to sell one of my companies, I would have more time to work with her - when things settle down again, I am hitting that "rehire" button! Professional, courteous, great sense of humor, and a hell of a sense for story. One of the best.”
                                                         ~Michael Shreeve, Bestselling Author
"I LOVE the editor at Plot2Published Editorial Services. I've used her again and again, never disappointed."
                                                         ~Theresa DaLayne, New Adult Romance Author
“What an extreme pleasure to work with Bridgette. She is talented, organized and a master of her craft. I can only count the days til I can work with her again on a more demanding project. Throw anything her way and you'll be amazed at what she delivers. This is what working with a professional SHOULD be like. Thank you, Bridgette.”
                                                          ~Cheryl J., Publisher
“Excellent editor, fast and accurate. Highly recommended.”
                                                         ~R. Shaimaa, Author  
Bridgette is a super star! She exceeded my expectations on all fronts and the quality of her work is tremendous. She is extremely talented, professional, and a pleasure to work with on projects. I would recommend her 100%!”
                                                               ~J. Nicole Breil, Author
“Very professional and friendly, she went out of her way to deliver quality work.”
                                                               ~Ivan C., Bestselling Author
"I actually had a happy giggle fit when I read the blurb - it’s so good! If it wasn’t my book I’d definetely buy it! You have no idea how many failed attempts I made at writing this myself - I’m so glad I saw sense and contacted you. It's brilliant. I LOVE it!"
                                                         ~ Karyn Finnegan, Sci-Fi Author 
"Great work. She returned the nine chapters (each 7+ pages long) within 2-3 days; and she did this twice per chapter for a total of 27 chapters. I have more to send her. In addition to the speed with which she returned the work, the changes she made were outstanding, and she even gave me suggestions in appropriate places to spice up the work. The book is a hard hitting expose about the presidency not seen anywhere else. She grasped the concept immediately. In addition, and this is a big bonus, she designed the interior and the cover/spine/back, phenomenally...and, she does not nag...if only she did windows...but I think she does Mac. Hire her...don't wait too long. I had a number of offers from other editors but I chose her and AM I GLAD I DID."
                                                         ~Don Bosco, Author 
“Talented and professional.”      
                                                         ~A. Afridi, Author
"Wow. I am very impressed with the editorial services from Plot2Published. Bridgette did a fantastic job. I would highly recommend her."
                                                         ~Theresa McClinton, YA Author