Beta Readers

We are currently not accepting books for Beta Reading due to workload.

A beta reader should be completely unbiased and tell you the good and the bad of your work, from a reader's perspective. You don’t want your first form of feedback to be from reviewers.We offer experienced Beta Readers to give you helpful feedback on your Manuscript and because we are a paid service, you can rest easy knowing your work is protected by our Beta Agreement.

Many of our Beta Readers are also writers, which allows for an added perspective on your MS.

We look for plot inconsistencies and structure flaws, character development, and even word choice. We can spot the character discrepancies, redundancy, and point out unnatural or unrealistic dialogue. We will also check for stylistic problems, as well as plot and pacing to keep things running at an interesting pace.You will receive a thorough review of your draft.

Please note: Beta Readers are not Proofreaders. They only offer feedback and some suggestions on the areas listed above, they do not offer changes for these areas.

Cost of Service:

One Beta Reader
     Up to 50k words - $35
     50k – 100k words - $45

Two Beta Readers
     Up to 50k words - $65
     50k – 100k words - $85

If you would like more than two Beta Readers for your manuscript, please contact us at and we will work that out.